ディオゴ・アップルトン / DIOGO APPLETON

Craftsman, Artist & Surfeur
Carcavelos, Portugal

" For me, it’s a ‘classic journey’ with my friend Diogo, just doing the things we we like and enjoy. It’s always interesting when you create something about your life or the life of someone else. Especially Diogo, it’s easy to be hypnotised by his creative mind and his passion for surfing & travelling. He has a clean and beautiful style and his taste for different boards; twin, singlefin, asymmetric & longboard shows in his creativity when shaping boards.It’s a great experience to watch and film this legend in the water and share some waves with him too. When the waves are bad, we always find a way to enjoy and stay creative.. Even if it’s just having a good coffee, doesn’t matter, the important thing is livin these moments with my friends and having dreams. " - Filipe Neto